Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Article Summary Students Results And Social Economic Status - 275 Words

Article Summary: Students Results And Social Economic Status (Essay Sample) Content: Students NameProfessors NameCourseDateArticle summaryThe results of students in different schools vary with their social economic status. Students who are from a background that has high social economic status tend to perform better than those who are from a low social economic status. This can be attributed to the fact that students from the higher economic status have access to facilities and everything they need to achieve compared to their counter parts who struggle to meet their daily needs. Parents who are wealthy are well able to provide their children with an environment which is suitable for learning.As of today, there is no space for a child who is not educated .Education is the key to success. Any individual who wants to make it in life must strive to be the best.Parents from a low social economic class are not in the best position to give their children the best in this competitive world. They struggle with finances. Meeting basic needs such as food, shel ter and clothing becomes their first priority unlike the wealthy that prioritize on other needs. These are one of the major challenges that the low social- economic class face (Ahmar 14).Students from a high social economic status both male and female put together tend to perform almost the same. Meaning that gender does not affect academic achievement. The results are usually the same in a low social economic status. Academic...

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