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Qwswd Essays - Personality Traits, Positive Psychology, Free Essays

Qwswd Essays - Personality Traits, Positive Psychology, Free Essays Qwswd * Emotional Intelligence (EI) (text p. 300) = 1. knowing and managing one?s emotions 3. maintaining satisfying relationships 2. empathizing with others * EI abilities characterize people who excel in life: 1. self-awareness 2. impulse control 3. persistence 4. zeal 5. empathy 6. social deftness * Your Emotional Intelligence: 1. how would you rate it overall? 2. what items (above ) are you good at? which do you need to work on? I believe that I am good at self-awareness because it is having a clear perception of my personality like my strengths, weakness, motivations and emotions. It also allows me to understand other people. It is a first step in creating what I want and my emotions and behavior determine where I go in life. It is developed through practices in focusing my attention on the details of my personality and behavior. I know my strength is my family and it can lead me to the path of success. It is a solid understanding how we relate to the others and ourselves. I also look at my past issue that I have had with people and be honest with myself. I think I need to work on self-motivation. I always see myself motivated by someone else. Q2: Happiness * People have rated their happiness in terms of how good they feel about their lives (p. 306) * How happy do 2 significant others in your life seem with their lives? Why? * What would make you happier with your life, and what are you doing to make it happen? I believe to make someone else happy in life is more important; the only way that we can really do so is by being ourselves and making ourselves happy. It is the most important feeling. It can be found in many different ways. If we think positive then we can live happy. If we are physically active this may also give us happiness and having money is also reason of happiness because we can fulfill our dreams with money. Like when I visited to India last year I was walking on the road and I saw one poor guy didn?t had anything to eat and his clothes were ripped off too. I had felt bad about it because it was too cold outside. What I did I took him to my house and gave him one of my pants, shirt and jacket along with shoes so he could stay warm. That really had made me happy. Q3: Trait Personality Theories * Take the Big 5 Trait Test at (link in Webliography) * What are your results (summarize, don?t reproduce)? Is it accurate? Why or why not? * Are trait tests a good way to measure personality? Why or why not? Openness to experience: I would say that I got 20% in this because I am not creative, flexible and adventurous. Conscientiousness: I would say that I got 92% in this because Conscientiousness is trait of being careful. It includes self-discipline, carefulness, organization and need for achievement. Extraversion: I got 70% in this because I like getting my energy from different activities. I get excited when I am around other people and I like to energize them too. Agreeableness: I got 93% in this because I can get along with everyone. I like to help everyone and I forgive people easily. Neuroticism: I got 1% because I really don?t get nervous easily. I remain calm in every situation. I would say yes it is a good way to measure personality because in this way we can find our level of personalities and I think most of time it is accurate. If we start testing ourselves often then we will find where we at and what area we need to work on. Q4: Other Personality Theories * Read Chapter 12: ?Personality,? pp. 320-29. * Explain 3 things you learned about yourself from these personality theories: - Freud (pp. 320-23), Adler (324), Horney (325), Rogers (327-8), Maslow (328-9) 1.I have learned about how to deal with my situation. I have to be brave to able to deal with problems. 2.All human have need to feel respected it includes the need to have self esteem and self respect. 3.If you feel

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