Sunday, February 9, 2020

Effect of Titles and Subtitles of HIPAA on the IT Organization Essay

Effect of Titles and Subtitles of HIPAA on the IT Organization - Essay Example The process of utilization of health of patient is described by HIPPA in detailed. It is important for the medical institutions to make certain that the privacy of the person much be kept confidential. This form of step mostly complete by modifying how much PHI (protected health information is utilized. Basically Protected Health information is referred as the demographics, diagnoses and different treatments of the patient. On the other hand, the complete form of details and information can only be communicate with the staff directly in the patient care, relevant entities and other insurance organizations (Wiener & Gilliland, 2011).   On 14th April 2003, the HIPPA law came into force. The aim of this law is to save the privacy of the information related to the health of the patient by forming the minimum federal standards of how the health care providers may disclose this form of details (Thompson et al., 2011). Whereas the privacy of patient is sheltered from other form of parties, numerous health related professionals have criticized that barriers to access to information imposed by HIPAA potential risk can put the superiority and appropriateness and suitability of patient care. There are many intrinsic negative effects as HIPAA and other builds due to their susceptibility to misunderstanding (Thompson et al., 2011). The right to obtain record of copies of medical records is given to the patients by HIPAA so patient can recognize faults and appeal different form of corrections. On the other hand, the medical information of patients is also protected by HIPAA, and make certain that the medical information of one patient is not utilized by any other patient, other parties like marketing companies, other insurance companies and for the purpose of financial purposes. Moreover, refined from of technologies are also taken part in the HIPAA implementation and also

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